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Audition Information

Dates for 2023 Auditions

Attend one of the two general audition sessions at Squalicum High School, 3773 E McLeod Rd, Bellingham:

  • Tuesday, May 30, 6:00–8:30pm


  • Wednesday, May 31, 6:00–8:30pm 

Callbacks, as needed, will be Friday, June 2, 5:00–8:00pm

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(audition sign-ups closed)


You will sing at auditions! Prepare up to one minute of a song, preferably something from a contemporary musical (but not Legally Blonde, please!).

  • Bring a recorded instrumental track on your phone or other device (no a capella singing)​​

  • You will be invited one at a time into the audition room to perform your song (and monologue---see below) in front of the directors and production team

  • Plan to stay for the entire time slot



Auditions will involve some acting! Prepare a one-minute monologue. This can be from a show, film, play, TV show—whatever you like (but not Legally Blonde, please!).

  • Memorization is strongly encouraged ​

  • You will be invited one at a time into the audition room to perform your monologue (and song) in front of the directors and production team

  • Plan to stay for the entire time slot


We will do some dancing at auditions! You’ll learn a short combination of moves, led by our choreographer.

  • We will do this part in groups​​​

  • We’re not necessarily looking for trained dancersdo your best and have fun!

Callbacks (as needed)

Callbacks are scheduled after auditions and serve as a way for directors to see more of some people—for lots of reasons!—than they were able to see in general auditions.

  • If you're not asked to callbacks, it doesn't mean you're not in the show! 

  • If you're asked to callbacks, the directors will send you a short portion of a song from the show to prepare, which you'll sing in a group setting

  • Callbacks will also involve cold readings from the script and a learning a short dance combination, both with your fellow auditioners

**New Info: Advance Callback Materials**

After our upcoming auditions, some auditioners will be offered a callback; if you are not called back it doesn't mean you're not in the show! If you are invited to callbacks, you will learn a dance combination (learned at callbacks), do some cold readings from the script (materials given at callbacks), and perform a few short cuts from some songs, which you will need to prepare ahead of time.

Callbacks will take place on Friday, June 2, but won't be announced until Thursday, June 1. Since the timing is a short turnaround, we wanted to make these musical materials available early so you have more time with them.


If you are called back, we will ask you to be prepared with the following specific cuts, depending on the gender of the characters you're auditioning for (each cut is about 30 seconds long). You will need BOTH the instrumental (mp3) cut and the vocal score section (pdf) for each. You can access them at the link below (all are also downloadable so you can put them on your personal devices if you want to). 

Female roles, please prepare:

"Serious" cut 

"Whipped into Shape" cut

Male roles, please prepare:

"Serious" cut

"Blood in the Water" cut

email us with any problems!!

Character Breakdown

**All genders and ages refer to characters. We value diversity and inclusion in casting.**


Elle Woods: The quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality.

Gender: Female

Age: 18 to 25

Vocal range: Gb2--G5

So Many Ensemble Roles!!

Greek Chorus; Students; Delta Nu Members—there are over 20 named roles in this show, like Elle's best friends (Margot, Serena, and Pilar), her Harvard classmate, Enid, and Paulette's boyfriend, Kyle. This show has a ton of great ensemble roles and solo opportunities! This other theatre's website has more info!

Emmett Forrest: A smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing. He is charming, quirky, loveable, and friendly.

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range: B2--A4

PauletteA brash, caring, optimistic hair stylist who is friends with Elle and longs to find a man for herself.

Gender: Female

Age: 35 to 45

Vocal range: A3--A5

Professor CallahanA pompous, sleezy and manipulative law professor at Harvard who is highly successful, but completely immoral.

Gender: Male

Age: 45 to 55

Vocal range: A2--F#4

Warner Huntington IIIA good-looking but shallow and pompous guy who breaks Elle's heart and heads off to Harvard Law.

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range: Eb3--Ab4

Vivienne KensingtonA smart, savvy, and uptight law student and Warner's fiancee who initially dismisses Elle, but grows to be her friend.

Gender: Female

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range: A3--F5

Brooke WyndamAn exercise video mogul who is also a former sorority girl. She is energetic and charismatic, yet currently on trial for murder.

Gender: Female

Age: 25 to 35

Vocal range: A3--G5

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